10 Easy Tricks and Tips For a Cozy Condo Home

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So you’ve decided to give the condo lifestyle a go? You’ve spent weeks trawling all over the city to find the perfect new home, and managed to close the deal on a condo you love –congratulations, you have a lot to look forward to! While there are many benefits of living in a condo, there are some obstacles to overcome as you move in and decorate.

Lack of space and storage can be an issue in condos, especially if you’re used to living in a house. Many people also find that a unit doesn’t feel as homey as a house, and can feel more like a hotel. Fortunately, we have some great ways to make your condo so cozy you’ll never want to leave.

1. Add shelves

Shevles on a wallShelving allows you to showcase some of your favorite ornaments, putting your own touch on the unit, without taking up valuable floor space.

2. Tuck away non-essentials

When space is tight, kitchen appliances can be hidden away behind doors when they’re not needed, for a neater look. Add a pullout rack into your kitchen for the storage of food and utensils, to save space.

3. Space saving storage

There are plenty of other storage solutions to save space and remove clutter. Choose beds with storage space underneath, and hang shoe holders on the backs of doors to store shoes and more.

4. Add mirrors

Adding mirrors, especially behind a double bed or opposite windows will maximize light and make the area feel more spacious. Built-in wardrobes with mirrored doors are ideal for small condos.

5. Utilise your outdoor area

If you have a balcony or other outdoor area, add plants, chairs and a table (without cluttering) to make the most of the space as an extension of the interior where you’ll want to spend time. Almost like having a garden!

6. Buy a welcome doormat

Floor matAdd a welcoming feel from the moment you or your guests walk through the door with a welcome mat. Stop guests from walking dirt through as a bonus!

7. Arrange your furniture tactically

Make sure to arrange your furniture in such a way that yourself and guests can easily move through the unit without having to move it out of the way. This can be difficult with a small space, but fold-away tables and clothes airers will be your friend.

8. Soft textiles

Soft textiles make a unit feel instantly cozy. Add a carpet or a large fluffy rug, and curtains for the windows instead of blinds. Throw, cushions and framed textiles on the walls will make the condo that much more homey.

9. Plants

Plant in a potPlants bring life to a room and make it feel welcoming. Fit them into spaces that are too small to use, or hang them to save floor space.

10. Scent

A home that smells nice is instantly more inviting. Fragrant plants, scent diffusers, and scented candles are all easy but effective ways to give your home a welcoming scent.

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