5 Must-Visit Shopping Spots in Toronto

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They say that shopping makes us feel better. It lowers our stress levels, lifts our mood, and improves our mental acuity. We can also treat shopping as an exercise because we keep on walking from one shop or stall to the other. It is also an excellent activity to spoil yourself from time to time while working your very best to provide and support for your family.

In this topic, we will be checking the top 5 shopping spots in Toronto that you should not miss out. Whether you are a Toronto resident or a tourist, these shopping centers must be definitely on your list when you buy the newest trend or just souvenir items. 

1. Toronto Eaton Centre

 Located at 220 Yonge Street, the Toronto Eaton Centre is a shopping mall and also an office complex. It is already one of the most famous tourist destinations in Toronto due to its downtown location and extensive transportation access.

This mall welcomes more visitors than 2 of USA’s busiest malls combined, namely Mall of America and Ala Moana Center. You can find more than 250 stores here.

Toronto Eaton Centre

2. Kensington Market

This shopping spot is perfect for those who want to get away from high-rises and prefers to look for cheap finds. Located near Chinatown, Kensington Market will give you anything vintage, from clothes to accessories. Of course, you will also find other kinds of clothes here! Aside from shopping for clothes, you can also have a bite from their restaurants, from cheap ones to those that can give you more elegant dining. From the brewery, bar, grocery shops, you can find it all here.

3. Bloor-Yorkville


 Going back to luxury, Bloor-Yorkville has almost 300 shops that you can choose from. From clothing, gifts, pieces of jewelry, groceries, and many more, you can practically find anything in this shopping center.

It has a Victorian-style architecture which adds to the luxurious feel and vibe of the place. The location is also near other shopping malls and condo high-rises which makes it convenient for the condo residents around it.

4. Yonge Eglinton Centre

 Also called as "Yonge and Eligible" because a lot of young professionals can be found here at Yonge Eglinton Centre. Aside from the usual clothing stores, you can also find home décor and bookstores just around the corner. A wide variety of restaurants are also available in Yonge Eglinton Centre, making it a perfect destination to shop and dine at the same time.

5. Chinatown

 Located in Downtown Toronto, Toronto’s Chinatown can be traced back to Sam Ching, who owned a hand laundry business on Adelaide Street in 1878. The first Chinese café was also built in 1901. You can find a lot of thrift shops here and some good Chinese food. It is perfect for those who want to visit a multi-cultural place to discover the food, culture, and local experience.

chinatown toronto


​Now you have the top 5 best shopping spots in Toronto, and you are now ready to reload your wallets and head to these places to shop ‘til you drop. The list provides you with a variety of choices, from high-end to thrift shops, so we’re sure that you will find everything that you are looking for. Enjoy your stay in Toronto as you go to these beautiful shopping places.

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