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Known for brick and mortar expression, the city’s architecture is true to its nature. Offering a plethora of building styles, their past projects have denoted the passing of time and historical events through designs. With landmark structures like the Forma condos project, they offer designs that make them stand out in the crowd. Not every edifice is worthy of adding to the list of iconic projects. As for this case, being on the way to becoming the most memorable structure, this project will become a tourist magnet and an attention seeker. With Frank Gehry’s brilliant conceptions, every project by them becomes imbued with palpable life. Also, the dynamics of the architecture of Projectcore are not always well understood but the visual impact is inherent in every soaring façade and undulating surface. 

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With developer Projectcore and star architect Gehry, collaborative design enters a new phase, producing a breathtaking amalgamation of luxury urban living mixed with the convenience of proximate business and retail space.  Now in King West and near the Entertainment District, the ambitious duo are creating a new twist on the urban lifestyle with their multi-tower extravaganza. Every detail and finish receive complete attention and the result promises to be beyond compare. Productivity and innovative solutions march hand in hand toward the future. Architecture as an art form will never be the same. When human needs and environmental concerns meet in a project, the result is sure to be award winning. Toronto-based Projectcore, Inc. is a multi-dimensional firm, acting as a development and project manager, practicing idea development and general facilitator.

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