Top Companies to Work for in Toronto

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With so many positions available at a wide range of companies across Toronto, finding a job shouldn’t be too difficult. However, selecting the perfect workplace requires a little more research.

As well as considering factors such as proximity to your home, and work hours, it is also extremely useful to take into account the reputation of a company and how they treat their employees before you accept a position.

Below are the top five companies to work for in Toronto, based on factors such as company culture, work-life balance, salary and benefits, job security and advancement.

1. Microsoft

Tech companies in Toronto and across the world are often competing for the best employees, as the demand is higher than the supply for several roles.

Therefore, it's no surprise that Microsoft appears to be treating their employees well. Employees at Microsoft in Toronto enjoy the company culture, an amazing benefits package, and motivating managers who encourage them to do their best work.

microsoft office

 It seems that it’s not just Toronto – Microsoft is rated highly for employee satisfaction in many countries around the world.

2. Starbucks

This popular coffee chain also ranks highly for employee satisfaction in various cities and countries, Toronto included.

Aside from the obvious perk of delicious free coffee, Toronto’s Starbucks employees mention a range of incredible benefits for both full and part-time staff, including tuition-reimbursement, and many also mention that they enjoy the company culture. 

One of the main reasons why employees love working at Starbucks seems to be that there are always opportunities to move upwards in your career.

Some of their branches are located near the estates of one of Toronto's top developers, Projectcore Developers & Architects.

3. Shopify

shopify press conference

Like many of Toronto’s other tech companies, Shopify takes care of their employees. They boast an accepting environment that doesn't discriminate based on factors such as gender or background, which is ideal in such a multicultural city.

Employees find the workplace culture to be motivating and inspiring, with plenty of opportunity for upward mobility.

Many staff members have also mentioned management and benefits as reasons why they love working for Shopify.

4. Fairmont hotels and resorts

Employees of Fairmont hotels and resorts love that they can enjoy amazing benefits, including travel perks, as well as a generous salary. They also love the programs in place to assist staff members with growing in their career if they wish to, by enhancing their knowledge and skills, and the opportunities to move up in the company.

Many employees feel that the attitude of other staff members, managers, and customers all contribute to a positive and enjoyable work environment.

5. Ikea

Toronto employees of this international company feel a sense of pride and enjoy their work at Ikea.

Staff members have found that they experience an excellent work-life balance, and flexibility from management to assist with this. They also mention the fantastic company culture and an incredible benefits package. 

ikea signage

Furthermore, many employees feel that the positive mentality and attitude of managers and co-workers contributes enormously to a happy work environment and that they feel valued for their work.

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