5 Most Attractive Condo Designs in Toronto City

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We all know that condos are on the rise in Toronto; more and more people want to live in condos and so developers are working hard to meet the demand and competing to provide the very best. Of course, there are several factors that make a great condo- convenient location, luxurious interiors and desirable amenities for example. However, the exterior is just as important. Not only does an attractive exterior design give the best possible first impression to potential buyers and renters, but it’s also essential for the general aesthetic of the city.

In a city of beautiful architecture, it’s crucial that condos add to this rather than take away from it. It is also essential for the building to fit into the vibe of the neighborhood that it’s in. Developers must ensure that they team up with the best possible architect to take their project forward and create something striking. Toronto has seen many attractive condo designs from top architects, with many more in development. Read on for five of the most attractive condo designs in Toronto.

1. Mirvish and Gehry

nice building structuresWhile this project is in the preconstruction stage, there’s no denying that it is going to be a beautiful piece of architecture, adding something incredible to Toronto’s skyline. David Mirvish teamed up with world-renowned architect Frank Gehry to create a condo which will be striking while still fitting in with the texture and history of King Street’s arts and entertainment district. Gehry is regarded as one of the world’s top architects, with notable buildings all over the world, and he has not disappointed with this condo design.

The development will consist of two towers, one of which will be 305 meters tall with 92 stories, and the other will be 275 meters tall with 82 stories. This will make the building the third tallest condominium in Toronto, and the tallest in the arts district. However, the attraction goes well beyond the height. True to his previous work, Gehry has designed something unique and stunning – two towers with very distinctive appearances which complement each other perfectly. The design is eye-catching while still fitting into the vibe of the arts district. Mirvish and Gehry condos are definitely worth watching out for.

To get a glimpse of it, click here.

2. 1 Yorkville

1 Yorkville is currently under construction and set to be one of the most creative and breathtaking buildings in Toronto. The unique structure is designed by award-winning architect and creative genius Rosario Varacalli. The development will be built above the historic Yorkville village buildings, carefully preserving their entire original structure. The design of the exterior is all about changing perspectives, and is wrapped in what Varacalli describes as a “3D wallpaper”.

This consists of 2,600 identical pieces of steel designed to reflect light and shadow to dramatically change how the building looks throughout the day, and when viewing from different angles. This exterior will be stunning, elegant and unique – and it doesn’t disappoint on the interior design, amenities or location either, making it one of the most desirable addresses in Toronto.

3. Aura

smoky city viewAura is notably Toronto’s tallest residential building, although not for much longer with several new developments proposed. However, it’s not just the 272 meter, 80-storey height that’s breathtaking – the architecture is simply stunning. The condominium was designed by Canadian architectural firm Graziani and Corazza, known for pushing the boundaries of creativity to create dynamic and unique structures. The sleek glass and steel structure stands tall on top of a three-story granite and glass podium, with a slanted roof that cuts through the skyline. The building also features elegant and minimal white LED lights running down from the roofline.

Aura is located on Yonge Street in the Bay Street Corridor, offering residents the convenience of having bars, restaurants, cafes and green spaces right on their doorstep. The height and architecture also provide breathtaking city views out of the floor to ceiling windows of stunning, modern suites. Aura may be set to lose its title of Toronto’s tallest condo, but it will remain one of the most attractive both inside and out.

4. The Yorkville Condominiums

The Yorkville condominiums is a development on Davenport Road, designed by Canadian architectural firm Wallman architects, known for developing environmentally sustainable, unique buildings across Canada and around the world. The development consists of a 31-story tower with unique architectural features, including colored fins which reflect sunrises and sunsets, a strongly articulated horizontal overhang, and several projecting boxes surrounded with dark metal and infilled with glass.

The overall effect is striking and original with clean finishes, commanding the heart of the most desirable neighborhood for modern urban style and sophistication. Residents also benefit from a dream location, unrivaled amenities and luxurious, stylish interior finishes, making The Yorkville one of the most enviable addresses in Toronto.

5. YSL

town hallYSL is the new development coming to 391 Yonge Street, and it’s set to steal the crown for Toronto’s tallest residential building as it stands tall and proud at 344 meters with 98 stories. But YSL promises more than just height – the architecture is brought to us by New York-based Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, renowned for designing some of the tallest towers in various countries with undeniable innovation and style.

They are one of the world’s most highly regarded architectural firms, celebrated worldwide for their design excellence and innovative buildings. The choice of architect perfectly complements developer Cresford’s dedication to providing the highest levels of quality and luxury, so we can guarantee that everything from the exterior and interior design, to the finishes and the amenities, will be just as breathtaking as the city views from the 98th floor.

The existing three-story building at Yonge and Gerrard will be maintained, with a small, angular podium rising above, topped with the stunning tower with a smooth, sleek and glassy exterior which is faintly sculptural. The overall design is somewhat understated yet makes a huge impact. The breathtaking height and stunning architecture promise that YSL will become nothing less than an iconic landmark in Toronto.

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