5 Best Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Toronto That You Must Try

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Currently tight on a budget but you want to explore good eats in Toronto? Then, you have reached the right article! Join us as we uncover Toronto's top budget-friendly restaurants that welcome all. These picks are not just for the budget-conscious, but these are also perfect for those who want to step back and pause their extravagant lifestyle to taste the best in Toronto.

1. Len Duckworth’s Fish & Chips

If you come to visit Danforth Avenue, then you must not miss tasting the famous fish and chips of this restaurant. Len Duckworth’s Fish & Chips offers (of course) fish and chips as its name says and their shrimp, scallops, and halibut are also a must-try.

Enjoy the freshness of the seafood, while being covered by its tasty batter. As a dessert, you can try their signature blueberry pie. One of the best cakes you'll taste in your Toronto experience.

Len Duckworth’s Fish & Chips

2. Sushi on Bloor

Craving for something Japanese but you’re on your “critical wallet days” already? Then head on to 525 Bloor Street West and feast on Toronto’s authentic sushi. Aside from sushi, they also offer a wide range of Japanese menu from vegetarian rolls, bento, teriyaki, tempura, and many more. NOW Magazine has awarded them with the best sushi award from 2001 – 2004 while iMagazine considered them as the best Japanese restaurant in 2003. You'll taste more than what you have paid for.

3. Rasta Pasta

Rasta Pasta

After looking for cheap finds in Kensington Market, you can also head to this restaurant to enhance your food palate. Rasta Pasta is no ordinary restaurant, but it is a Jamaican joint that is very famous for serving jerk chicken.

You’ll get a taste not just their renowned chicken recipe, but also the feeling of Jamaica's culture while visiting this restaurant. They also serve pasta; from linguini to lasagna. To complete your Jamaican experience, we recommend that you too taste their Jamaican specialty drinks for only just $2.00 each.

4. Bamboo Buddha Chinese Restaurant

Chinese food? How can we forget dimsums and wontons? Located at 752 King St. West, Bamboo Buddha offers authentic Chinese food. We recommend that you must try their spring rolls, chicken wings, cream corn soup, and other chicken or pork dishes. They have a wide range of menu which includes beef and seafood recipes. Aside from their a la carte food, you can also try their complete meal sets depending if you are alone or if you have other companions.

5. Burrito Boyz

This Mexican food chain has a lot of branches all over the country. Burrito Boyz serves burritos, quesadillas, nachos (our favorite!), chips and dip, and many more.

You have 8 burrito options ranging from $5 - $10, and you can never go wrong with these snacks even if you have a few bucks. These cheap treats can be found anywhere around the city so you will never get hungry.

Burrito Boyz


Now that you know these budget-friendly restaurants, you will never be hungry as you walk around the streets of Toronto. Whether you are on a tight budget or want to experience another side of the city, these restaurants will never fail in making your tummy full. Take note of these restaurants and grab a bite from their tasty and delicious specialties.

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