5 Toronto Food Trends You Need to Know About Right Now

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Just as clothes go in and out of fashion over the years, so do different types of food. For a long time, Torontonians have been heavily influenced by what we're told is healthy, and more recently by what our favorite food bloggers are eating, what looks good on Instagram, and the impact of our food on the environment.

It's no surprise that 2019 will see plenty of new food trends hitting Toronto, as well as some old favorites making a return. Here are five of the biggest food trends right now.


For various reasons, the number of vegans and vegetarians is on the rise in Toronto. Furthermore, we’re seeing more and more flexitarians (someone who is largely vegetarian but eats some meat) and more pegans (a combination of paleo and vegan diets).

As a result, the food industry is stepping up. Our favorite restaurants are offering more, better plant-based options, and more vegan and vegetarian venues are opening.

vegetable in market

We're also seeing more inspiration for plant-based meals in the supermarkets to make it easier to follow this diet at home.

Green tea

This super-drink had a bit of a moment a few years ago, then stepped out of the spotlight for a while, and now it’s back in a big way in Toronto.

It’s no surprise for such a health-driven city, when you consider the endless list of health benefits, from improving digestion to being amazing for the cardiovascular system. 

There's a whole range of varieties and flavors available, and we should expect to see even more green tea this year, both in cafes and in stores.

Slow cookers

slow cookers

According to Pinterest (the dictator of all that is fashionable), there has recently been a huge increase in the number of people searching for everything slow cooker related, from brands to recipes.

In a time when everyone is looking for ways to make their busy lives easier as they juggle multiple responsibilities, it's no surprise that this 1970s favorite is making a comeback. 

Not to mention, those slow cooker comfort foods that we love such as stews and soups are just perfect for winter in Toronto.

Full Fat

For a long time, it's been all about the low-fat and fat-free options. That time is over as experts are now informing us that full-fat options are both healthier and better for weight loss.

Not to mention, we are being encouraged to eat foods such as avocado and eggs that are full of healthy fats. Whole milk, yogurt, and butter are back on the menu, and fat is no longer the enemy.

Root to stem

Torontonians are becoming increasingly concerned about cutting down food waste.

The nose-to-tail philosophy encouraged both restaurants and home cooks to discover ways to use an entire animal when cooking, in order to reduce waste, and now people are doing the same with vegetables. 

Cooks are learning that we can actually use the parts of vegetables that we would usually throw away, such as broccoli stems and beetroot leaves. 

root to stem

This trend is healthy, good for the environment, and saves money – it really has no downside.

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